Upper Delaware Bio-Blitz

An image of the Upper Delaware River with the Bio Blitz logo.

We are holding an Upper Delaware River BioBlitz in 2021! The event will be held virtually on a biodiverse private property in Wayne County, PA that is at the crest of the ridgetop above the Delaware River and contains a portion of a headwaters stream. Each of the 8 teams of biologists will schedule exclusive dates for their survey, collection and identification of species on the property over a 24 hour period. We will be posting videos, photos and accounts of each of the teams work as it happens. Perhaps, in the fall if conditions permit, we will host an event to recap the year's findings and give people an opportunity to meet the scientists in person! There are opportunities for volunteers to help with site logistics and team support. If interested, send a message to info@upperdelawarebioblitz.com and we will get back to you. Visit www.upperdelawarebioblitz.com. Follow the event on Facebook!

An image of a man with a hand-held net catching insects in a field.4
An infomation box explaining what a Bio Blitz is and what types of species they look for.