Penn's Woods

Pennyslvania is named for it's forests as the state name translates in Latin to Penn's Woods.  A look at some facts about the PA forestry industry show why PA is aptly named for its woods!  

Here is some interesting information from PSU.

  1. Pennsylvania is the nation's largest producer of hardwood lumber, producing over 1 billion board feet per year.
  2. Annual economic contribution of forest products exceeds $5 billion.
  3. Forestry provides more than 90,000 jobs in 2,600 companies. (10% of PA's manufacturing workforce)
  4. Total forestry payroll exceeds $2 billion per year.
  5. Payments to private landowners for timber sales exceed $350 million yearly.
  6. Pennsylvania's 500,000 private landowners own 75 percent(12.5 million acres) of the state's forestland and supply 80 percent of its timber products.

Wayne Conservation District's Forestry Specialist

Forestry is an important part of Pennsylvania's economy, culture, land preservation, and Wayne Conservation District is one of the few conservation districts to have a full time Forestry Specialist. We have a Forestry Specialist to serve as a resource for our forestry professionals in Wayne County to provide guidance, education, and keep up to date on current issues and promote wise use of one of our greatest resources.

Wise Use

Trees are a crucial part of the forest ecosystem and our forestry practices have changed significantly over the years.  Practices continue to change to some degree as research makes new discoveries, insects and disease infestations change the forest ecosystem, and other changes or developments occur to affect forestry practices.  

Improperly harvesting timber can cause extensive damage to the forest and affect the ecosystem, land value, and economic viability of future harvests for generations to come.  Poor practices can also spread insect and disease infestations, cause erosion damage, sediment pollution, etc.

Forestry Information

Wayne Conservation District is a local resource for guidance for forestry professionals and landowners alike for the following:

  • Current list of Loggers, Sawmills and Consultants for the area Christmas Tree Management.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control in woodlands.
  • Forest and Wildlife Management.
  • Forest Insect and Disease Identification and Control.
  • Maintaining Forest Health
  • Seedling Sale.
  • Timber Harvesting Considerations.
  • Timber Stand Improvement
  • Tree Planting