Erosion and Sediment Pollution

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Sediment Pollution

Sediment pollution is the number one pollutant by volume nationwide.  Sediment pollution degrades the quality of water for people, wildlife, and plants in many ways.

  1. Sediment pollution causes $16 billion in environmental damage annually.(EPA)
  2. The Army Corps dredges 497 million cubic yards of sediment annually to maintain waterways.(DEP)
  3. It damages aquatic life like fish and macroinvertebrates by damaging gills, affecting larval development, lowering growth rates, impeding feeding, etc.
  4. Clogs storm drains, basins, worsens flooding.


Erosion and Sediment Control

The EPA estimates over 70 percent of sediment in US waters is caused by people.  The Wayne Conservation District has delegated authority from the state to oversee the erosion control program in Wayne County.

Most of Wayne County is blessed with High Quality and Exceptional Value watersheds.  These special protection waters fall under higher standards regarding Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control.  With a few exceptions in non-special protection watersheds, in Wayne County any site with earth moving activities at a minimum requires the development and presence on site of an Erosion Control Plan.

The development and implementation of an E&S Plan using BMPs(Best Management Practices) to minimize erosion and stabilize soils is crucial to reducing sediment pollution and maintaining and improving our excellent water quality in Wayne County PA and for everyone downstream!


Wayne Conservation District

The Wayne Conservation District is a local organization run and staffed by local people and offers a variety of services to help local farmers, businesses, townships and citizens work together to protect and improve the environment and stay within compliance of DEP Chapter 102 regulations.

We offer a variety of services to members of the community including:

  1. Free consultation on E&S Plans, plan design, earth disturbances, storm water management, permit processing, etc.
  2. We handle complaints and inspections of earth disturbance activities.
  3. We process NPDES(National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permits for larger construction sites.
  4. Review Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans.
  5. We process and issue most General Permits for water encroachments under Chapter 105(Docks, Boat Ramps, Water/wetland crossings, etc).
  6. Can provide information and direction on wetlands/water encroachments.

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