911 Address Management


The Wayne County Planning / GIS Department maintains the County’s 911 addresses. The physical 911 addresses are utilized by the County’s 911 Office to provide dispatch of emergency services. This maintenance is made possible through the use of the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS). 

Geographic Information System

The GIS enables our office to do the following:

  • Assign new physical 911 addresses for new homes and businesses
  • Edit and correct existing 911 address issues
  • Name new subdivision roads
  • Verify a resident’s 911 address (written verification is available to provide to mortgage companies, utilities, etc.)

Address Management MapAdditional Resources

  • For assistance with the assignment of a new or the verification of an existing physical 911 address, please contact our office at 570-253-5970, ext. 4060.
  • Wayne County 911 Special Needs Project