Recovery Support Services

Where can I get some extra help with my recovery from someone who understands what I am going through?

If you live in Wayne County, you are eligible to receive recovery support services at no cost. The Wayne County Drug and Alcohol Commission employs a full-time Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). A CRS is a professional that has years of lived recovery experience who will work one-on-one with you to help build a strong and successful recovery.

You will work with your CRS to develop an individualized recovery plan, which focuses on overcoming issues that may create barriers to a successful recovery and lead to relapse. The CRS also helps you access community based recovery support systems so that you can ultimately build a self-directed program of recovery. The Certified Recovery Specialist meets with most people in our office, but can meet with you in the community if transportation is an issue. 

Family members who have a loved one with an alcohol or drug problem often find it a confusing and stressful to deal with. Our recovery specialist is always happy to speak with family members and provide education on how they can best help their family member.

The Certified Recovery Specialist also provides outreach to the community in an effort to educate citizens on the concepts of addiction and recovery.

There is no cost for this service

So if you feel this service is right for you or you can benefit from it, please call and speak with our Certified Recovery Specialist at (570) 253-6022. Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8:00 to 4:00.

All calls are kept strictly confidential.

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