Elected Officials


As elected officials,  the Auditors of Wayne County are an independent source of verification of all county officers and minor judiciary.


Meet the Wayne County Board of Commissioners, which oversees the entire operation of the county and represents the best interests of the citizens.


The Coroner investigates the facts and circumstances of deaths that occur in the county in several categories including, sudden, accidental, violent, traumatic, drug, induced, unexplained or suspicious, to determine if there is suffiicient reason to may have resulted on criminal acts or criminal neglect.

District Attorney

The District Attorney is the county's chief law enforcement officer and is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases, oversees the county detectives, the Drug Task Force and Victim/Witness Services.

Magisterial District Judges

District Justices hand arraignments and hearings in criminal cases, adjudicate minor criminal offenses, traffic and non-traffic citations, civil claims not in excess $12,000, landlord/tenant disputes and may perform marriage ceremonies.


The primary function of the Prothonotary’s Office is to file and maintain the records for the court.

Recorder of Deeds

The Recorder of Deeds Office is the custodian of the records and indexes relating to conveyance of land or the transfer of real property in the County.

Register of Wills

The Register of Wills has jurisdiction over the probate of wills and granting of letters to a personal representative.


The mission of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department is to provide security at the Courthouse and other county facilitys and to ensure a safe environment for our community and an excellent quality of life.


The Treasurer’s Office collects and deposits all monies due to the county, accept property taxes which are  paid to municipally elected Tax Collectors.