Video Visitation

The Wayne County Correctional Facility offers NetVisit (TM) Video Visitation from Lattice Incorporated. This technology lets family and friends have video calls with inmates, without having to travel to the correctional facility. Family and friends can conduct video visitation sessions from their home (or other location outside of the correctional facility), using any personal computer with a camera, microphone, and an Internet connection. The computer will also need to have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Web browsers installed, as the video visitation system works only with those Web browsers.

Create an Account

To create an account, purchase video visitation session credits, and schedule video visitation sessions, please log on to the Lattice website and please follow the instructions.

Limit on Video Visitations

Family and friends can conduct an unlimited number of video visitation sessions each week from their home or other location outside of the correctional facility, letting you communicate with inmates as frequently as you desire.

Additional Resources

If you are on the website and have any questions, please contact Lattice’s Customer Service Center at 888-843-1972.