Agriculture Initiatives

Agriculture Education in Schools

Wayne Tomorrow! assisted in reintroducing agricultural education in the local school district curricula, which resulted in the reintroduction of Future Farmers of America

Craft Brew Cash Crops

With the expansion of the craft beer brewery industry in Wayne County, Wayne Tomorrow is organizing fact-finding activities around hops and barley.

Digital Community Web Development

The concept of the Digital Community is predicated on connection – connecting people with events, activities and the broader community.

Economic Development Plan for Agriculture

The county has completed an agriculture economic development study that considered traditional land-use planning and other types of infrastructure planning as well as exploring milk and meat processing facilities that can build the Wayne County brand.

Prototyping Lab

As part of the Stourbridge Project Business Incubator, a prototyping lab including a 3D printer and other equipment has been established adjacent to the Wayne County Park Street Complex in Honesdale.

Senior Farmers Market Access

This is an effort to give Senior Citizens easy access to fresh produce without adding to the busy market schedule of many farmers.