Decision Making

Wayne County, a place to visit, a place to come back to, a place to work from, a place to work and to live for...

Economic growth is of strategic importance for Wayne County to thrive in the 21st century. These are the basic tenets that will inform our economic development:

Responsible and appropriate economic development 

Responsible and appropriate economic development is that which improves quality of life to benefit all citizens. Thus, responsibility for economic development must rely on decisions and actions taken by local citizens, local communities and organizations, and local government. 

The goal of creating a sustainable economy in Wayne County will require establishing, attracting and supporting a diverse business and industry profile. The principle of the inherent dignity of work shall fuel our goal to increase work opportunities and advance financial security through family-sustaining jobs to improve quality of life for all.

Young people will be an important key to creating the path to a better future.

Appropriate economic development must take the long-range view of investing in human capital by advancing local entrepreneurship development and creating a skilled homegrown workforce that will benefit and retain our young people into the future, and by drawing entrepreneurs and skilled workers from outside the region.

Appropriate development will seek to preserve the traditional character of our places and people, while cultivating a respectful and embracing culture that welcomes newcomers of diverse backgrounds, interests, cultures and economic strata who choose make homes and build their lives here.

Wayne County recognizes that responsible economic development must balance growth against the essential protection of our natural assets—beauty of place, clean air and water, open spaces and the distinctive character of our small-town communities and outlying rural areas.

Wayne County acknowledges that financing mechanisms will be needed to bring capital and execute effective strategy.

Emphasizing our assets

Because of its location within a few hours reach of 50 million people in the population centers of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, Wayne County shall proactively promote our assets not only at home and throughout Northeast PA, but also to adjacent urban and suburban centers to attract business and to facilitate economic advancement and population growth.

Promotion shall honor the unique strengths of our area by highlighting it as a good place to live. Besides our natural assets, mentioned above, which underpin our tourism and recreation industries, we have many other assets. Wayne County offers an affordable place to live and many choices for pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Other resources include a vibrant artists’ and artisans’ community, a well-established agricultural base that is expanding to meet the demand for farm-fresh/nutritious food, and numerous community-minded, volunteer and faith-based organizations working to improve our communities and the lives of our citizens.

Embracing technology, enhancing communication

Wayne County makes a firm commitment to adapt to changing economic factors. In the realm of technology this means keeping pace with technological infrastructure to ensure a platform for business and community development—broadband for example. Institutions, organizations and individuals must learn to accept and embrace technology as the path forward for the 21st century.

In a county where the population is diffuse and where transportation can sometimes be a challenge, digital and other new technologies will promote communication by connecting people for information sharing and social contact. Open dialog will enhance collaboration across groups with different interests and/or expertise with the goal of building sustainable and resilient communities.

Achieving sustainability, building resilience 

Wayne County acknowledges the importance of addressing life-sustaining issues of health, housing, energy, communication, transportation, sourcing food, and protecting clean air and water. We recognize that the building of an integrated and nurturing economic and cultural ecosystem that is resilient to economic and cultural shocks is imperative for our ongoing success and sustainability. Change is certain, but as times change the need to remain vital and relevant is a constant.

Wayne County makes a commitment to work with and strengthen both public and private actions that endorse and support these guiding principles. 

Decision-Making Process

These principles are part of the decision-making process, they are:

  • Basic tenets to guide Wayne Tomorrow in all circumstances over time regardless of changes in goals, strategies or private / public leadership
  • Founded on sound Change Management principles
  • Bought into by all constituents to drive connectivity between organizations and projects
  • Provides structured way to obtain consensus and / or manage disputes thus utilizing a proven methodology for "always" moving forward
  • Proven to drive continuous "Goal Achievement"