System of Care

In the Wayne County System of Care, youth, family and system leaders work together as equal and trusted partners to create sustainable change to empower those involved in youth-serving systems to be responsible and accountable for positive outcomes.

Get Involved

Are you receiving services through any of Wayne County’s youth-serving systems? Have you in the past?

The Wayne County System of Care wants you to partner with the leaders of these systems and share your opinions and knowledge so we may better serve you those in our community. Your voice and personal experiences can bring to light new ideas and perspectives to improve the care of the children & families who are actively seeking our help.


The Leadership Team is committed to acting in accordance with and consistent with the PA System of Care Standards by developing strategies and implementing them to improve the community system of child/family care and services, effectively coordinating all of those services within Wayne County such that services are individualized, family driven and family strength-based thus assuring a greater opportunity for family success and independence.

Trunk-or-Treat 2021

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