Sustainability Goals

Goal 1

To Develop Incentive for Incorporating Renewable Energy and Practices in Business.


  • Begin development of branding Wayne County as an environmentally friendly and sustainable county.
  • Create a media campaign to educate residents of Wayne County regarding the different types of packaging and which to avoid (i.e.: Styrofoam).
  • Identify organizations that support localization and community self-reliance.
  • Identify specific geographic areas in which localization is needed within Wayne County and match with support organizations
  • Support the development of practical programs that promote healthy eating and stress management identified through Together for Health.

Goal 2

To Make Wayne County a Leader in Renewable Energy Implementation Across the State.


  • Assure that Wayne County has 30% of its energy needs, residential and commercial, from renewable sources.
  • Complete a County-wide survey of existing renewable energy with assistance of PPL & Penelec.
  • Wayne County number one in Pennsylvania per capita in residential solar PV installations with 5 community or municipal renewable energy installations totaling 10 MW.

Goal 3

To Evaluate Natural Assets and Resources to Protect Communities and Attract Residents and Businesses.


  • Educate the public about the natural assets in Wayne County.
  • Identify and create an inventory of natural assets in Wayne County.