Quality of Life Goals

Goal 1

Develop Community Hubs, Places that will Foster a Sense of Belonging and Connection through Shared Activities


  • Conduct community focus groups to distill input from and needs in individual communities.
  • Establish countywide advisory group to support each other and the development of hubs and related indoor / outdoor activities.
  • Inventory existing spaces.
  • Launch individual hub activities.
  • Survey local residents regarding interest in community hubs, the who, what, where, when, and why.

Goal 2

Ensure that Children Entering Kindergarten Have the Basic Physical, Mental, and Social Skills to Succeed.


  • Break negative cycle plaguing socio-economic sub-section of families in Wayne County.
  • Create a coalition of agencies, organizations and professionals that regularly interact with children ages 0 to 5 and their families. Coalition’s charter will be to raise awareness of issues causing lack of readiness and identify potential solutions.
  • Use the tools that are easy and free for parents to use with their children.

Goal 3

Ensure that All Residents, Businesses, and Institutions Have Access to Digital Technologies and Content that Enables them to Support Healthy, Prosperous, and Cohesive Community Across the County.


  • Create a digital hub.
  • Form a committee that will focus on web information gathering, design and filtering including the economic feasibility of ongoing data / information maintenance.

Goal 4

Promote Property Maintenance Standards in Order to Protect Boroughs and Townships from Deterioration Which Can Negatively Impact Property Values, Safety and Public Welfare.


  • Garner support from multiple constituents such as community association boards, and local citizens and administer approach through the Pike / Wayne Realtors Association.
  • Identify prototype ordinances to be shared.
  • Make model ordinances available to all township supervisors and borough councils.