Executive Vision

Building Ecosystems

Wayne County, through Wayne Tomorrow, seeks to build a robust multi-dimensional economic and cultural ecosystem that will effectively address and reverse certain negative trends the county has been observing. This new ecosystem will be the foundation for ensuring improved conditions are achieved and then maintained into the future in spite of facing new challenges and a constantly changing landscape.

Environment Ecosystem Factors

To accomplish this, Wayne Tomorrow intends to follow a formal change management approach utilizing a set of guiding principles that maintain a healthy/sustained balance between the following somewhat diverse environmental ecosystem factors:

  • A healthy economy that affords its citizens significantly improved employment opportunities such that the County is consistently ranked within the top 25% of per capita wages as measured against the PA and national economies
  • A culturally and environmentally rich environment and physical infrastructure that serves to attract population and business growth/formation by offering a diverse and supportive array of cultural, educational, recreational, technological and quality of life outlets and opportunities (while simultaneously protecting Wayne County's unique natural environment)
  • Wayne County understands that it needs to embrace a new reality regarding its technological and physical infrastructure which, in some cases, is either obsolete and or inadequate to support the 21st Century needs of its people or businesses.


Wayne County understands that in addition to open and candid internal communications, there will be an ongoing need to aggressively market itself to people and organizations beyond its borders. This interdependency with northeast population centers is needed to facilitate business attraction, economic advancement and population growth

A public and private commitment to ensure that the necessary financial and human investment capital is available on a timely basis to ensure ongoing success for the county and its citizens

Balanced Approach

This integrated and balanced approach will be routinely benchmarked and measured using a set of competitive KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). By measuring performance in this way, individual initiatives can be continually adjusted to meet aggressive goals in spite of constantly changing conditions.